Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Virado app?

The Virado app allows insurance brokers to sell products and niche insurance in a fully digital way. Our app includes a regularly growing number of insurance products of different insurers, all of which are increasingly in demand today. Thus, you can use our app as a valve solution in your personal sales pitch.


Who can use the Virado app?

At the moment Virado is only available in Germany and can be used by any insurance broker is in accordance with § 93 HGB for free. In the future the local law of each European country will be the base of the possibility for local users of the Virado app.


How can I register for the Virado app?

You can register directly in the Virado app. After verification of your data we will grant you access as soon as possible. Then you can use the Virado app directly, without any limitation. For the moment we are only active in Germany but we will soon roll out in other European countries.


How much does the use of the Virado app cost?

Use of the Virado app is completely free. 


How do I earn money with it?

As an insurance broker, you will receive a commission on all sales. This commission is different in height depending on the insurance product and insurance. A current overview of the current commission heights you can view at any time in the Virado app.


What happens to the data of your customers?

Information on all insurances sold are available in the app. The customers are not advertised, the customer data is only transmitted to the insurer. We therefore guarantee 100% customer protection for them.


What about security and data protection?

The security of all data is the highest priority for us. That's why we host all data and the Virado app itself in Germany and employ common standards such as BiPro. By working closely with insurers, we are also subjected to continuous and rigorous testing.